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A TOUCH of Health Massage, LLC

Judy Antonelli, OMP, NCBTMB

74 Riverside Drive / Riverside, RI 02915


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You  get the exact time of massage as ordered and tailored to your specific needs and condition. A 1 hour session is a full 60 minutes. There is always plenty of time after your session to relax on the table to allow for integration. Feel free to take a snooze if needed.


½ Hour

1 Hour

1½ Hour

Relaxation, Energy Work, Oncology








Hot Stone




Paraffin Hand Dip $15

Home, Hospital, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes: Call for prices

Work Place Massage: $500 per 8 hr.

Quantum Techniques for the Body/Mind: $80 per 1 hr.

Touch for Comfort Care Package: $300

Gift Certificates

A Touch of Health Certificates are available for my office, work place, home, hospital, assisted living, hospice and nursing homes.

Call or Email to make appointments or place orders.



With the massage table heated, using a warm cream, flowing, sliding, gliding strokes with kneading, vibration, rocking, compressions, holding and light acupressure help to coax the body into an "out of body feeling."

Energy Work

Restores balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It gently and effectively opens blocked meridians, chakras and clears the energy body, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace. Done clothed with little or no touch.


For pain relief of:

Migraine headaches, back and neck pain, TMJ, muscle cramps, edema (swelling), range of motion issues, sport injuries, work injuries, injuries from falls or automobile accidents, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, repetitive use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, postural imbalances, constipation, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, may help alleviate much of the pain associated with bulged or injured spinal disk and poor circulation.

Paraffin Hand Dip

The hands are repeatedly dipped into melted warm wax. The deep penetrating heat adds moisture, softens dry/chapped hands. Especially helpful in relieving pain and stiffness of arthritis, involving the joints of the hands.

Hot Stone

Integrating a relaxing massage with water heated stones, using sliding strokes on the body, with oil. Through out the massage stones are placed along the back, forehead, in between the toes, and the hands. The stones help to retain heat, penetrating deep into the muscles, releasing tension.

Work Place Massage

With work related stress at an all time high, these therapeutic breaks will help combat muscular tension, pain, repetitive stress injury, headaches, and office fatigue. Focusing on posture correction through specific massage techniques, which postural muscles strained from over worked and tired muscles. Great for “Employee Appreciation Days”.

Touch for Comfort Care Package

The Care partner already has in their hands and heart the potential for a truly healing impact on their loved one’s quality of life. With this gift they will learn how they can help relieve the side effects of cancer and its treatments.

In the packaged gift, they will receive:

1. A private Oncology Massage Class designed with an individualized approach specific to your loved one’s type of cancer.

2. Touch, Caring & Cancer DVD

3. Music for Partners in Healing CD

4. 1 Hour Oncology Massage Session for Loved One with Cancer

5. 1 Hour Relaxing Massage Session for Yourself

Quantum Techniques for the Body/Mind

Using techniques based on Quantum Psychology, founded on Quantum Physics, incorporating stress in a problem solving way creates rapid, fundamental personal/professional growth. Life’s stressful situations, including performance and behavior on the job, are now pro-active results with little or no e-motion. Once these techniques are learned, you will be able to perform high stress jobs with ease. Other results will include, self confidence, better job performance, greater self esteem, and over all health.